About KLDA

83732019 is our 34th Anniversary!

KLDA was initially formed in 1985 as Rice Lake CADORA and became  the club as it now exists in 2000.   The club was formed to answer the demand for a local dressage  group to assist with the teaching, developing and promoting the  fundamentals of Dressage in the Kawartha Lakes and surrounding  areas.   We strive to provide opportunities for all levels of dressage  enthusiasts, from the junior rider just beginning, the adult amateur  to the riders competing at the top levels of the sport all while  promoting sportsmanship, fair play and always promoting the  welfare of the horse first and foremost.   By providing opportunities for our members to compete in both Gold  and Bronze level competitions, and bringing in opportunities to ride  with clinicians that our members may not have had the opportunity  to study with, as well as providing non riding clinic opportunities we  provide a well rounded educational opportunity for any level of  dressage enthusiast.